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Green Upgrades

Energy efficiency is a huge focus in the marketplace.  We focus on both systems of green – total comfort and saving energy.

Our most common areas of saving customers energy and cash include:

Duct Sealing

  • Paint-on mastic sealing of all joints and panels
  • AeroSeal sealing of entire duct work system


  • Adding cellulose insulation to the attic pad
  • Foam insulating ceiling panels and miscellaneous openings

Heat Pumps

  • Heat pumps have evolved into very energy efficient systems.  These units that can pull heat out of the air down to 20 degrees.  These units are ideal for climates that do not get very cold like Mississippi.

Dual Systems

  • We install dual heating systems that use a heat pump as a main unit with a gas or electric furnace as a backup.  This gives you complete coverage in all temperatures, with the highest efficient system in place at all times.


  • Geothermal systems utilize the constant temperature of the Earth to provide nearly free heating and cooling.  These systems use fluids to transfer and distribute the heat from your House to the Earth 250-300 feet below the surface.  Geothermal systems are incredibly efficient.  Owners are amazed at the real cost savings in both heating and cooling bills.  Utilize the earth’s largest green solar panel:  Earth!


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